Sustainability, differentiation and profitability to face the new packaging world

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In 2023, in a world of instability and unpredictability, adapting to demands of the ever-evolving sector of packaging printing has become fundamental. The four pillars of the packaging industry – Earth, governments, bands, and consumers – are undergoing profound transformations, which is why OMET came up with a strategic focus on three core priorities: Sustainability, Differentiation, and Profitability.

It is known that the world of packaging depends on four main pillars: Earth, Government, Brands and Consumers. They were once stable and predictable, without creating huge disruptions in the print packaging industry.
In 2023 it is not the same. Today, all four pillars are treading new paths:
Earth is dealing with climate issues and print packaging is one of the responsible; Governments are advising new packaging norms daily for sustainability, consumer awareness and regulation adherence; Brands are looking to launch new products with better-looking packaging and better-value offerings to easily attract and engage Consumers, who are changing their buying behavior: the novelty is the new loyalty, and judgments are based on how the packaging engages them!

In this scenario, three main priority areas have emerged:


While all these topics are subjects of extensive discussion, at OMET, we have consistently taken a leading role in developing solutions for some of the world’s top package printers.
To achieve success in all these areas, it is fundamental to own the appropriate printing technology. The key lies in selecting the right combination of printing techniques that enable the application of various inks, coatings, primers, barriers and varnishes in-line, simplifying the execution process and boosting profitability.
As global leaders in Flexo and Combination printing presses, at OMET we offer the best combination of printing solutions to help you achieving sustainability, differentiation and profitability.


You name it and we have it! 

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