Sfera Digital Platform


Digital Platform by OMET

Sfera is the new digital platform developed by OMET to monitor all connected machines in real time to analyze related data and help customers make better operational decisions.

But Sfera is more than just a digital platform. It is a pioneering vision for the industrial future, where AI and IoT come together to create unprecedented machine management.

With this innovative proposition, OMET puts a powerful tool in the hands of its customers to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.
The machine becomes the virtual touchpoint between the Customer’s team and OMET, which, thanks to its know-how and expertise can help customers to meet their needs.

The raw data generated by the machines are transformed into valuable insights useful at every level of control, from the operational level to the top decision maker.

Sfera will be the key for optimizing the production process and maximizing the productivity.

The main services offered by Sfera for OMET clients are:
  • Efficiency Analysis;
  • Bottleneck Detection;
  • Process Telemetry;
  • Energy Consumption;
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance;
  • Job Executor.
The main services offered by Sfera for OMET clients are:
The Sfera platform consists of several sections within it:
Machine Supervision
Lean Analytics
Consumption Analytics
KPI Analytics
Planning Calendar
Smart Notifications

SFERA at a glance



  • A single interface to visualize the real-time monitoring of machine operation and its key variables.
  • Stay up-to-date on alerts and reports.
  • Identify and analyze critical periods of the machine.


  • Understand the Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
  • Compare actual and ideal production to understand possible causes of inefficiency.


  • Dialogue with operators and receive their input through an intuitive interface.
  • Keep your operators and key staff easily informed thanks to smart notifications and OMET virtual assistant.


  • Easily manage maintenance operations and get access to technical documentation.
  • Automatically and preventively recognize anomalous behavior of the machine thanks to AI.


  • Analyze consumption trends.
  • Analyze the impact of different cost drivers on production.
  • Increase revenues and margins by producing more sustainably.
Galileo Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Gaia is the new OMET GPT-based Virtual Assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence. She will be able to answer any questions posed by customers on topics related exclusively to OMET machines.
The AI is instructed in all information useful to printers and maintainers.

Compared to common chatbots, however, Gaia doesn’t work with pre-programmed Q&A systems but leverage the power of ChatGPT’s AI to build conversations by leveraging the database of information it holds.

  • WebApp basic.
  • Interactive chat interface.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Context responses with advanced natural language.
  • Easy and immediate access.
  • 24/7 assistance service.
  • No waiting time thanks to instant response.
  • Misunderstandings and communication errors minimized.
  • Reduced problem-solving time.
  • Continuous learning.
New OMET Virtual Access

Nova app is managed directly by OMET Technical Assistance, allowing the OMET operator to step into the customer’s virtual reality and remotely guide technicians through operations with the maximum accuracy in handling the problem.

What sets it apart from all other apps is the ability to translate simultaneously into 64 languages and the simplicity of interaction with the customer. To use the new app, an initial download registration is required, which allows OMET to immediately recognise the source of the call and identify the customer and their machines.

The technician will be able to operate and guide local staff with the highest safety, thanks to various tools capable of recognising the context, including potential risks (for example hot parts) and machine operating mechanisms.

The Nova app can be downloaded from online stores (both Android and iOS), by entering OMET Nova as a search word, and all you need to use it is a smartphone or a tablet. It is also included in sales contracts and applicable to any OMET machine.

  • Simultaneous translation in 64 languages and ease of customer interaction.
  • Immediate recognition of the customer and the machine at the time of the call.
  • Guidance to local personnel through various tools that can recognize the context, including potential hazards (e.g., hot parts) and machine operating mechanisms.
  • App that can be used simply via smartphone or tablet.
  • Increased efficiency and interactivity in diagnostics during troubleshooting through augmented reality.
  • Overcoming language barriers and misunderstandings between operators.
  • Maximum safety for operators.
Advance Machine Monitoring

In addition to integrating data analysis tools, the Sfera monitoring platform leverages artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Anomaly Detection algorithms. The goal is to gain advanced insights from the collected data and predict possible future problems or trends. This data, together with OMET’s expertise, can become a useful tool for entrepreneurs to make them aware of their activities by optimizing their machinery.

  • Proactive remote assistance based on machine smart notifications.
  • Periodic assessment on machine performance and conditions.
  • Periodic expert consulting to improve machine performance and efficiency.
  • Performance and production time optimization.
  • Minimization of downtime and active maintenance.
  • Periodic feedback with specialized OMET technician.
Advance Machine Monitoring