OMET Varyflex V4 offset

Varyflex V4 Offset


The innovative and powerful UV Mid-web V4 Offset print unit in widths 670mm (26'') and 850mm (33'') enriches further the Varyflex V4 range. Varyflex V4 Offset, Mid-web printing press summarizes all the advantages of Varyflex presses widening its reach through the addition of powerful Offset technology to combine inking and printing quality standards with low-cost platemaking and precise color control.

Varyflex V4 Offset printing press is expected to revolutionize the packaging market thanks to a newly conceived Offset print unit characterized by high flexibility, simplicity in use and wide machine accessibility. The use of lightweight sleeves  and the availability of a Revolver Cart for sleeve replacement are part of the so-called 'Easy Sleeve Format Change' patented by OMET and contribute to make this printing press a true variable-size offset machine.

  • Inking train with 19 rollers 
  • Extra unit stiffness for no vibrations
  • High-precision dampening system
  • Direct-drive transmission on sleeve shaft and impression cylinder
  • 15 motors on each printing unit 
  • Multivision register control system, both machine and cross side
  • Automatic washing system
  • Offset plate sleeves with skewing adjustment to correct the small misalignments of the plates directly on the press
  • Pneumo-locking light sleeves made of fiberglass, aluminum or carbon fiber
  • Axis of the plate mandrel with fixed center to improve printing precision 

  • Automatic pressure adjustment: OMET patented pressure adjustment system automatically controls and adjusts the pressure of all the rolls at each repeat changeover.
  • Offset Revolver cartThe Revolver cart is a smart sleeve-holding device that facilitates sleeves changeover. It can house up to 8 sleeves and serve 3 printing units, with 2 free shaft always available.
  • Sleeves equipmentVaryflex V4 offset units use pneumo-locking sleeves available with fiberglass, aluminum or carbon fiber external tube.

Electron Beam WET/WET: Electron Beam is a food compliant curing system generating very little heat for a superior film handling at high-speed production.It provides an instantaneous and complete curing even at maximum line speed, requiring lower energy than UV and thermal drying.

UV WET/WET: Multiple-lamp drying system interposed between 2 or 3 printing units, with UV lamps mounted on a large servo-driven chill drum. It is suitable for both Hg and LED UV lamps.

UV WET/DRY: Interdeck UV curing system with 1 lamp mounted on a servo-driven chill drum placed inside every printing unit.  It is suitable for both Hg and LED UV lamps.

The new flexo unit is specifically designed to integrate the offset printing process with no limitations in performance and quality. The new Flexo by Sleeve concept applied on both anilox and flexo plate, along with the fully Direct-Drive transmission by independent motors, make it the best complementary solution in terms of flexibility and productivity. 

  • Every Offset unit can be converted into Flexo units
  • Quick and easy conversion process
  • All printing equipment is interchangeable with standard V4 flexo unit’s
Max speed400 m/min 400 m/min
Unwinding reel diameter1500 mm (60”) 1500 mm (60”)
Rewinder reel diameter1500 mm (60”) 1500 mm (60”)
Web width670 mm (26"3/8) 850 mm (33"4/8)
Print width660 mm (26'') 840 mm (33"1/8)
Printing axesdirect-drive independent motor direct-drive independent motor
Printing TechnologyOffset/Flexo by Sleeve Offset/Flexo by Sleeve
Intelligent automatic pre-registerAutomatic Automatic
Cross registrationAutomatic Automatic
Offset (Sleeve)16'' - 32'' 16'' - 32''
Flexo UV/UV LED16'' - 33'' 16'' - 33''
Flexo Water Base16'' - 33'' 16'' - 33''
Solvent-base Flexo 16'' - 33'' 16'' - 33''
EB Flexo16'' - 33'' 16'' - 33''
Rotogravure16'' - 32'' 16'' - 32''
The technical data contained in this table are not binding. OMET is entitled to change the features of the products without prior notice.
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