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December 12th, 2023 is an important date to mark for all printers: OMET is organizing an unprecedented open house at the OMET Innovation Park with the complete range of OMET printing machines in demo. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness several printing demonstrations, from self-adhesive labels to shrink labels, up to printing on folding carton at the permanent showroom located in Molteno, near the OMET Headquarters.

The last OMET event of the year 2023 has been named “All-in-One Open House” and will be completely new: an open house showing the entire range of labels and packaging printing solutions. During the year of its 60th anniversary, OMET has organized many events that allowed numerous printers to visit the new Headquarters and attend live demonstrations of the best technologies and innovations. The final event of the year is a special day that involves all kinds of printing, from labels to packaging, from flexo to hybrid digital printing.

The program includes 5 demonstrations on as many printing machines. The XJET Powered by Durst, a hybrid printing solution designed in collaboration with Durst, will be showcased. This solution is attracting increasing attention from the market due to its seamless integration of cutting-edge digital inkjet technology and the OMET flexo platform.

The KFlex is the most flexible and user-friendly printing line in the industry, combining unparalleled flexibility with cutting-edge technology to deliver maximum performance and exceptional print quality. We cannot leave out the XFlex X6, the most well-known OMET machine installed on all continents, once again proving to be the best solution for high-level label and packaging printing.

Completing the range of products dedicated to narrow web, there will be the iFLEX, a unique machine in today’s label market. It serves as the ideal complement for medium/large label printing facilities, while simultaneously serving as a crucial technological resource for smaller label printers with lower investment capacity, enabling them to produce high-quality jobs efficiently across all print runs.

Great attention during the event will be given to the OMET Varyflex V2, a complete line configured with different printing technologies to produce folded carton. The Varyflex V2 is characterized by high flexibility and can be specifically designed to meet the needs of manufacturers in the flexible packaging and folded carton industry for the food, tobacco, cosmetic, and consumer goods markets.

The All-in-One Open House will also be an opportunity to discover Sfera, the new digital platform developed by OMET to monitor in real-time all connected OMET machines, to analyze their data, and to assist customers in taking better operational decisions. Galileo team will be available to provide simple demonstrations to all participants.

Like every event at the Innovation Park OMET, the All-in-One Open House is organized in collaboration with OMET’s technological partners: BST, Ecoleaf, Flexo Wash, GEW, Nazdar, Rossini, Simec Group, Simonazzi, tesa, Zeller+Gmelin.

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