New biodegradable and compostable films for packaging tested on OMET printing machines

Technology & Innovation

OMET collaborated with Ticinoplast to test the printability of new packaging made with biodegradable and compostable films produced by Ticinoplast on its machines.

The increasing attention to environmental issues and sustainability has led both companies to seek new products and manufacturing processes. In particular, packaging in the food industry has enabled the reduction of waste from perishable products and significantly increased the security of products purchased by consumers. Combining sustainability and safety in the food sector has become indispensable; therefore, the possibility of creating packaging using new biodegradable and compostable or recycling products has become fundamental.

In this context, OMET has recently initiated a collaboration with Ticinoplast, a company specialized in the production of mono- and multi-layer polyethylene films, to test the printability of new certified biodegradable and compostable materials compliant with the international standard UNI EN 13432 on its machines.

The result has led to the creation of printed materials that can be used in many contexts, particularly in the food sector. This collaboration and the results achieved demonstrate the commitment of both companies to research and develop high-performing solutions that also meet market demands for sustainability and recyclability.


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