Galileo, OMET launches a new customer care division

Technology & Innovation

OMET has always focused on customer service for innovation and competitive advantage. With this in mind, OMET created the Galileo Division to guarantee a 360° service at a global level. A revolution that goes beyond simple technical assistance, to provide a complete service that includes training for operators, supply of spare parts, predictive maintenance and remote control.

Marco Calcagni, OMET Sales and Marketing Director, explains that “The customer care service is strategic for our customers because it is crucial to their productivity. Providing expertise, preventing any problems and offering timely interventions is a priority for OMET and investments like this one can prove it. The aim is to guarantee not only top quality machines but also their constant operation over time”.

The Galileo after-sales service is structured in a real division that places OMET as a “single partner” for its customers, also for aspects like the supply of original components and spare parts, with guarantee of the maximum speed and a complete support on the machine. Customers can talk to a single supplier and work with maximum efficiency and quality in both services and products.

Thanks to the remote connection with each OMET machine, diagnostics are more and more precise and allow quick and specific interventions; the production chain is moving towards complete digitalization and maximum efficiency. A key role in this process is played by NOVA (New OMET Virtual Access), the innovative multilingual App that allows remote support worldwide for maintenance, service and installations, thanks to the possibility to use augmented reality and simultaneous translation in 64 languages.

Galileo’s crown jewel is the Training Academy, which provides training courses to improve the technical and operational preparation of printers, also in a smart, flexible and increasingly digital way. The experience and skills of the staff are essential to fully exploit the potential of the machine and improve its productivity.

This is complemented by an Operational Expert Advisory service, which involves qualified technicians available to the customer through digital media, to help satisfy every operational need, including the preparation of printing and the achievement of maximum production results.

Galileo, in all its declinations, allows prevention and reduction of errors, reduction of downtimes, rapid problem solving, and all this leads to increased productivity and quality in performance. The creation of this division is the result of the “Customer First” logic: reliability is a value that has always distinguished OMET on the market and is one of the pillars of its reputation.

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