OMET can install machines despite Corona Virus travel restrictions

Technology & Innovation

Thanks to the OMET pre-assembly kit and the new NOVA video assistance, remote installations are possible for any OMET machine, carried out directly by the customer technicians.

OMET never stops. During this terrible period of global lockdown many companies had to reconsider their strategies. Those who had plans for investments, faced new doubts about spending or not during such an uncertain time. Even though OMET was still able to collect a good number of deals for new machineries. But the next big challenge that customers had to face was: “will we be able to install our new machine”? OMET thought of new ways to disassemble the machines and how to connect them remotely using a live-stream connection. In this way OMET made possible the installation of several machines without anyone flying out of the country.

In fact, in April and May 2020, several installations were carried out in different countries, despite the emergency Corona Virus preventing the presence of OMET technicians during the installation phase. These “remote” installations are possible for any model thanks to the pre-assembly kit that only OMET machines can offer, combined with the new video assistance software NOVA (New OMET Virtual Access) for support and instruction during installation, which is carried out directly by the customer technicians.

We all hope this sad period will get over soon and life will restart flowing regularly. But for sure we learnt the lesson that to anticipate a problem is easier than to face it from evening till morning. Hence OMET is ready to move on to phase#2 and continue installations and training on line. Who knows what the future deserves. Better to have a spare solution in hands.

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