Rock‘n’Roll & Easy-Strip: another step towards efficiency

Technology & Innovation

Matrix stripping is one of the key steps of the entire label production. Thanks to the new evolution of OMET’s renowned Rock’n’Roll stripping system and to the introduction of the new “Easy-Strip” unit, this critical stage has become a real added value to all OMET machines. These two technical solutions allow to increase production speed and keep perfect die-cutting shapes, avoiding any issue caused by special substrates or complex label shapes.

Rock’n’Roll is the unique module designed for the easy removal of matrix stripping waste without interfering on the performance of the machine. Thanks to the new “Dual Function” capability, it can work in two different ways according to the type of substrate and the die-cutting shape: either as contact-style or as tower-style system. This new development makes all OMET’s machines even more flexible and efficient, able to overcome a critical soft point typical of the majority of competitor’s machines.

The brand new “Easy-Strip” Delam/Relam assembly is an additional unit for an even easier matrix removal operation in self-adhesive labels production. It helps to prevent the matrix from breaking especially with special materials like paper face stock reaching the highest speed of 190 m/min. This particular device is suitable for all OMET narrow-web presses, from iFlex to XFlex X6. It opens and recouples all face stock materials, thus reducing the adhesive strength between the printed substrate and the backing, keeping a constant tension on both layers.

The combination of these two exclusive systems “made in OMET” is the perfect solution to optimize the entire printing process and increase production efficiency, preventing from inconvenient downtimes due to possible matrix breaks.

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