OMET: the inking process steps up with the “Smart Load” system

Technology & Innovation

Ink distribution is a crucial step in the printing process: every printer knows that the functionality of the entire unit is essential to obtain an excellent printing result. Today OMET expands its offer in this field with the SMART LOAD chambered doctor blade system.

The new closed chamber doctor blade system combines better ink transportation on the anilox with improved ease of use, optimizing the printing performance of the machine especially when using white UV inks, varnishes and lacquers.

The Smart Load system allows direct ink refill into the closed chamber, without the need to install any pump and therefore saving costs, by maintaining the high performance of a closed chamber system.

The Smart Load system can be easily incorporated into the printing unit and is interchangeable with the standard inking system, to offer greater flexibility to the operator.

The new “Smart Load” chambered doctor blade system is available for OMET XFlex X6, X6.0 and XJET printing lines and retrofittable on existing machines

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