The future of manufacturing companies

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Nowadays, the environment in which businesses around the world operate seems to be increasingly dynamic and changing.

Thus was born the need to differentiate, embrace change and focus on novelty.

To do this, it will be essential to change the business mindset of one’s organization. It will be necessary to shift from a business model focused on selling products to one based on providing related services.

The question arises as to what motivates companies to implement such a view. Therefore, we want to try to offer a brief overview of the context in which we are living.

Today’s market is going through a very special phase; it is being represented by a series of increasingly pervasive, deep and rapid changes:

  1. Competition between realities is extremely high, global and fierce. This is the result of extremely fast and continuous innovation, which is increasingly difficult to achieve. Competition between enterprises also affects human resources. Employee turnover turns out to be a real and steadily increasing problem. To remedy this, it is necessary to adopt strategies that improve the engagement and satisfaction of employees.
  2. The digitization is irreversibly revolutionizing industry and manufacturing. In a special way, businesses and consumers around the world will have to learn to live with artificial intelligence, which has now become an integral part of today’s business.
  3. In the consumers world products life cycle keeps reducing. It is vital for organizations to become flexible and versatile.

If these are the market dynamics, how can we keep up?

The answer is very clear: create value for customers by offering additional services that accompany the use of products.

This is precisely what GALILEO aims to do.

Through technical assistance, maintenance, training and consulting, digital solutions, data monitoring, and print-on-demand services, GALILEO’s ultimate goal is to create a unique and unparalleled experience for each customer in order to meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations.


“Customers are the real wealth of a company. Creating a positive experience for them is the key to long-term success.” – Richard Branson, fondatore del Virgin Group.


#GALILEO, easier with us.

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