Safin chose OMET XFlex X6 to start business in Russia

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Quality, reliability, flexibility and design. These are the main reasons why Safin decided to purchase a new 8-color OMET XFlex X6 in 2016. With this fully automatic line, Safin was able to enter a growing market, where they aim at consolidating their position and creating new market niches where they can excel with high margins.

In Russia, the significant growing trend of the label and packaging market registered in the last years has pushed many printers and converters to renovate their installations and many new players to enter the market with new products and offers.

The young printing company located in Ryazan (western Russia), part of the Holding with headquarters in Wien, started a new printing business at the beginning of 2017 in the existing operative division dedicated to the metal trade business. The production started with an OMET XFlex X6 equipped with AB Graphic Omega SRI rewinder and Schober 430 IML / MX rotary die-cutting module featuring 5th generation robot.

Valery Tereshin, Safin general manager claims: “The Company keeps developing very fast and has already been able to diversify the activities. After a careful market analysis, we chose to specialize our production in IML (In-Mold Labels) and Lamitubes, in addition to self-adhesive label printing with foil application. We selected very carefully the best equipment to start this new business: we made a benchmark of all the technologies on the market, evaluating the reliability of the manufacturers, their know-how and the number of installations worldwide. After several printing tests, in the spring of 2016 we finally decided to commission the machine to OMET with a specific tailor-made configuration”.

Technical director Alexander Klimushkin explains: “We chose OMET XFlex X6 because of its wide technical capabilities and the consistent number of installations around the world. We were impressed by the high level of automation, the extreme flexibility in switching from a substrate to another and the perfect stability in acceleration and deceleration. We had the Fleye Vision quality control installed by AB Graphic in addition to OMET automatic register adjustment and control, able to detect any imperfection on the images printed and then communicate it to the press. Moreover, the machine is connected to the internet and is prepared for remote diagnosis and immediate support. Safin’s operators received specific technical training both at OMET’s and at Ryazan site after the installation of the press”.

Valery Tereshin continues: “Thanks to this machine we have been able to respond to different type of requests. In the meantime, we have been working on the identification of the most promising and fruitful market segments to choice the direction of our development. Our approach is based on excellence, quality, technology and customer satisfaction. Our premises are located in a functional area in terms of logistics, so that we can reach any corner of Russia”.

Tatyana Gaponova, OMET Area Manager says: “OMET purpose is to provide the printer with high-performance solutions that can make the difference on the market and start a new business safely and in short time. Safin chose very carefully this investment looking at the niche products of the Russian market, such as lamitubes, shrink sleeves and In-Mold Labels. I truly wish Safin many years of success during which they can consolidate and strengthen their market share, developing their own business in new directions with new printing technologies”.

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