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Angelo Bartesaghi founded OMET on February, 1st 1963, a very cold Friday. He was 29 years old, and he had a great passion for mechanics and little money in his pocket. But it was the “fabulous” Sixties: years of the economic boom, the “dolce vita” and the cultural revolution.

The name stands for “Officina Meccanica E Tranceria” (shearing and mechanical workshop). At the beginning, the company hosted in one place all its activities, which now are in different locatons: printing machines; tissue machines and ball bearings.

OMET tissue lines for napkins were the first designed and built in Italy. In the 70s, OMET was the first to produce printed napkins: the innovation was introduced by the 3T 400 line, which also triplicated the production speed.
There were no two-dimensional or three-dimensional CAD design programs. Designers worked on the drawing board, with paper and pencil. The guidelines given by Bartesaghi to OMET designers for machine drawings are simple and concrete: 1. It works 2. It’s cheap 3. It’s nice. They didn’t just apply to machines: efficiency is a true corporate philosophy.

In 1976 the company moved to the first OMET factory, located in Lecco in via Caduti Lecchesi in Fossoli. In 2003, for its 40th anniversary, OMET hosted a big event to inaugurate the first OMET Demo Center and the new offices of via Polvara.
Year after year, OMET has grown worldwide, thanks to the trade fairs that showed its technology throughout the world.
Angelo Bartesaghi was very demanding of his collaborators: he demanded excellence, but knew how to recognize merits and placed great value on teamwork. One of his mottos was 1+1=3: collaboration is greater than the sum of the single contributions.

The first OMET collaborators, crucial for its growth, remained in the company until their retirement. Nowadays job changes are frequent, but loyalty to the company is still widespread in companies like OMET, where attention to people always comes first.

In 2010 OMET was awarded with the Global Award for Continuous Innovation thats built its success on innovation, that comes comes from the ability to read market’s requests and to develop them into projects. Taylor made is the essence of OMET’s approach: never standardize machines but globalizes knowledge thanks to smart technologies.

Now OMET is an international leader in its sectors, but it’s still a family business. The Bartesaghi’s family has lead the company up to the present day, sharing a deep sense of belonging among all those who work there and values like honesty, fairness, transparency, respect for work, environment and people.



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