OMET to enter the iranian market

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At the beginning of 2017, thanks to a fiscal policy of tax reduction, the Iranian market opened the doors to foreign companies. Only a few months later OMET technology left its mark with 2 important sales to two leading printers: an XFlex X4 37 to Azin Naghshe Doran, the first OMET press installed in Iran, and an iFlex 370 ordered in July by Kamel Barchasb, one of the major label printers in this market. Both these customers produce self-adhesive labels for different end-use markets, especially for food, cosmetics and industrial sectors.

The two agreements are the result of the excellent job made by the Turkish agent Naim Yavuz, who has been working for OMET for 15 years and now he has become the responsible for the Iranian market with an office on the spot. Iran hides huge economical potentialities and, according to recent studies, it is destined to become one of the key markets in the whole industry.

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