OMET: quality and reliability acknowledged all over the world

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In the last decade, more than sixty companies purchased a second OMET machine after the first successful installation.

It is not easy for a printer to pick one supplier among all the manufacturers of packaging printing machines. Usually the budget is the main discriminating factor, followed by the type of technology and the supplier, who has a key role in the investment and consequently in the future trend of the company.

Performance, productivity, ease of use and technology: those features are usually verified on the spot at the supplier’s site with customized demonstration, where the buyer can fully understand the value of the machine.

If the investment turns out to be fruitful, it can boost the economy of the company. The initial cost will be balanced by the improvement of the overall productivity. On the other hand, if the machine does not produce the results expected, the investment turns out to be a complete loss, preventing the printer from fulfilling the goals established in advance.

How to avoid this risk? Do not give priority to the price. Usually the right choice is not the cheapest one, because the technology inside such complex machines is the result of decades of experience and resources dedicated to research and development.

It is not about choosing just a supplier, but a real partner whose technology can improve the printer’s business and increase the profits. When the printer is satisfied with the investment, in most cases he would purchase another machine from the same supplier, creating a strong partnership that allows him to face the market as leaders, being aware of offering the best product at the right price.

In the last ten years, OMET got a high rate of repurchases from clients who decided to put their trust in OMET’s experience in order to keep on growing. Numbers speak for themselves: more than sixty customers ordered a second (and sometimes a third or fourth) OMET machine within few years from the first installations. This acknowledgement pays back all the years and the investments dedicated to research and development and the constant passion for innovation.

Marco Calcagni, OMET Marketing and Sales Director, states: “Long-term partnerships are one of the strengths of OMET and the best satisfaction for a company committed to quality and innovation. They are the concrete demonstrations of the appreciation of the international market for our technological solutions which have contributed to create relevant profits for our clients”.

In the last decade, OMET notably increased the turnover, with a constant growth of 10% per year, but more importantly, it succeeded in keeping its mission alive: the production of reliable high-quality products, as well as the satisfaction of all clients, by listening to their necessities and proposing them innovative and customized solutions.

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