OMET obtains the “Welfare Champion” rating

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OMET has obtained the Welfare Champion rating for the Welfare Index PMI 2019, Italian national survey that identifies the best companies in welfare practices. This year, the companies selected as Welfare Champion were 68 out of a total of over 4,500 participants.

The names of the best welfare companies were disclosed on 26th March during the final event of the Welfare Index PMI initiative celebrated in Rome. The results of the survey were presented to an audience of entrepreneurs, institutions, journalists, teachers, and commented by Riccardo Fraccaro, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Direct Democracy, and by board members of the associations supporting in the initiative, promoted by Generali Italia with the patronage of the Prime Minister’s Office and the participation of Confindustria, Confagricoltura, Confartigianato and Confprofessioni.
The rating of “Welfare Champion” is given to companies with a welfare activity characterized by a wide range of initiatives that go beyond the measures provided by collective agreements, orientation to social innovation, significant economic and organizational commitment and systematic involvement of workers.

OMET, which has always stood out for the attention paid to its employees, has rightly obtained the highest rating in the ranking for the welfare initiatives implemented over the last years. The founder Angelo Bartesaghi and then his son Antonio Bartesaghi, today president of the Group, invested a lot on this aspect.

“Investing in welfare is fundamental – explains Bartesaghi -. The job quality and the efficiency of the time spent on work are a crucial issue for the economic success of a company. Welfare, which means providing useful services for many small but important extra-work activities, means helping people in efficiently manage their daytime, so that they can concentrate on activities with greater added value. Beyond the classic professional and training courses, our company provides basic services useful for people and for their family. For example they can count on the delivery bread, medicines, laundry, packages at their offices. We have a tire changing service at the workplace, as well as free legal consultancy and tax consultancy. Several local shops or professionals has signed agreements for granting discounts to our collaborators. All these time-saving services help our collaborators to have more time to spend at work or at home. It means better quality of life”.

OMET periodically organizes events for its collaborators: the traditional Christmas dinner and the company day trip have great success every year, and symbolize the strong team spirit of the Group. Last year, on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the foundation, OMET organized also the Omettiadi, a multisport competition among the different divisions involving more than 150 people, and the Family Day, opening the company’s doors to the families of the workers and the employees to celebrate with them the important achievement of the Group.

During the Family Day, on Saturday October 20th 2018, the family members of OMET and O-PAC collaborators were allowed to visit the departments and production areas of 6 Group’s locations, following guided tours held by volunteers. Play areas for children were set up in collaboration with local charity associations. The event was a great success, highly appreciated by all the participants: registered visitors were almost 1,200: 10% more than the first edition that took place in 2013 for the 50th anniversary of OMET foundation.

“Each one of our collaborators, with his/her own job, brings a fundamental contribution to the quality of our products and therefore to the success of the company – explains Bartesaghi -. For them, the Family Day is the occasion to share the importance and complexity of their work with their family, proudly valuing the time and energy they spend every day at work”.

Every year, OMET awards scholarships to employees’ or workers’ children with good results at school, offers internship opportunities, hosts school visits and actively collaborates with local technical schools or universities like the Politecnico di Milano, promoting the connection between school and work.





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