OMET awarded as a “Welfare Champion” in Rome

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OMET has been awarded as a “Welfare Champion” for the second consecutive year: it achieved the highest rating (5W) in the Welfare Index PMI survey promoted by Generali Italia, ranking among the 105 best Italian companies, out of over 6000 participants. The ceremony took place on September, 9th in Rome at the Eliseo Theater, where the survey was presented at the presence of the Minister of Labor and Social Policies Andrea Orlando and the Undersecretary of State of Economic Development Anna Ascani.

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The 2021 report was called “Corporate welfare generates social impact”. OMET was awarded in the category ‘Health, a priority: care, prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles’, in particular for the most recent extensions of its welfare plan, which is already wide and focused on the daily needs of employees. “During the pandemic, OMET not only continued to work, protecting its employees with various health initiatives and the possibility of smart working where possible – they wrote in the motivation – but it has also adapted its technology to the emergency period, converting its machines for the production of masks and cleaning products. OMET never stopped investing: last spring moved to a new plant and hired several young people under 30, involving them in training projects and career paths. OMET supported its employees’ families with scholarships dedicated to their children”.

The 2021 Welfare Index PMI survey found that Welfare investments are growing among Italian companies, producing positive returns on productivity and having a growing social impact. During the Covid-19 emergency, companies have been at the center of communities, by bringing certainty in a period of great uncertainty, and supporting health, training and families in different ways. Now, with their welfare plans, they will be protagonists of the economic recovery by supporting the priorities of the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) in the fields of health, women, youngs, families and communities.

“I believe that investing in welfare, and therefore in the well-being of employees and their families, is fundamental for the efficiency and the sustainable growth of companies – says Antonio Bartesaghi, OMET president -. The welfare awareness is spreading in the business world, as shown by the growing companies involved and awarded by this survey: it is a virtuous circle that contributes to the competitiveness of companies and to the growth of the country “.

The Welfare Index PMI is promoted by Generali Italia with the patronage of the Prime Minister’s Office and with the participation of Confindustria, Confagricoltura, Confartigianato, Confprofessioni and Confcommercio.
“Corporate welfare is no longer just a set of services for employees, but a tool for social cohesion” said Marco Sesana, Country Manager & CEO of Generali Italy “The well-being of workers is decisive for the success of the companies as never before”.
Labour Minister Andrea Orlando, during the event in Rome, said that “today health and economic measures are closely linked and companies’ ability to intercept people’s needs on the territory is strategic. The Government has many projects to support businesses, employability, and study paths”. Undersecretary Anna Ascani added that “our duty is not to reconstruct the past but to imagine a new world, taking into account what we have learned: companies will be at the center of the economic recovery and the Government must support them”.

The 2021 Welfare Index PMI Report on the state of welfare in Italian small and medium-sized enterprises is now in its sixth edition. The survey involved more than 6,000 companies of any size and any sector. According to the 2021 Report, PMIs increased their investment in welfare to tackle the pandemic with initiatives in the health sector, work-life balance and various training and support activities for families. In most companies, the initiatives launched during the Covid emergency became structural and permanent. Furthermore, it emerges that 54.8% of the companies that have included welfare in their corporate strategy recorded positive returns on productivity.

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