OMET celebrates its 55th anniversary

Stories of excellence

It all began on a very cold Friday morning in 1963 – the first day of February, to be exact, was the moment OMET was born. The weather forecasters were reporting an icy end to January and an imminent new cold spell with abundant snowfalls. In Milan, the temperature dropped to minus 10°C on 31st January and minus 11° on 1st February; the cold spell continued all winter and into spring, making it one of the worst of the entire 20th Century.

As often happens when the weather is so cold, the schools and the factories closed – but not for the 29 years old Angelo Bartesaghi. He was opening something new, and he chose to do it on a Friday, the last working day of the week at his disposal on the following Monday. Work at OMET would start full time from day one.*

From that day OMET have been a long and constant growing to become one of the most appreciated printing machines manufacturers worldwide. Thanks to the extensive experience acquired during decades of activity and the great successes enjoyed along the way, OMET has become a reference in the custom-made packaging printing machine manufacturing industry; the perfect partner chosen by many large companies and multinational corporations that wish to stand out from their competitors.

Innovation with passion
Each flexo printing press is special and has its own story, but all OMET packaging printing machines have in common innovation and the passion with which they have been made.

Multiple competencies
All custom-made machines are developed in close collaboration with clients: on-site assessments and detailed analysis of specific requirements are at the base of the design process and feasibility study of each project. Once the technical and economic feasibility assessment of a project is complete, a multi-competence team – which includes personnel from the Technical Office, the Research & Development, Mechanics and Electronics Departments and a very experienced tester/printer – starts working on the best ad hoc solution for the project at hand.

100 % success
Its problem solving attitude is one of OMET’s strongest qualities and the main reason behind its success in creating flexo printing machines for a variety of different printing and converting sectors. The extensive experience acquired during decades of activity and the company’s constant research for new technologies enables its Development Team to find the best solution for each project: all clients who have commissioned a custom-made press from OMET and have been assured of the feasibility of their project, have always obtained the result they expected and had their production needs satisfied.

Constant improvement
The experience acquired directly in the field and the new knowledge that comes with each individual project keep increasing OMET’s ability to find effective solutions for the needs of companies across a variety of sectors.

*Taken from the OMET book «50 Years of Passion and Excellence», Chapter I

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