Marco Calcagni: investments and positivity, a duty of any entrepreneur

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Recently, strong changes have affected the market and the companies. The way of working, the needs of customers, the approach to suppliers have radically changed. People travel less, and meetings are mostly virtual: at first, everything seemed difficult, but the result is greater efficiency and greater speed in communication and problem solving.

The effects of this “revolution” on the OMET group depend on many factors like reference markets and the geographical areas differently influenced by Covid-19: OMET works for different industries, all over the world, both with the packaging and tissue divisions.

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Packaging, in general, has not suffered any decline: it has remained stable with some increases in the food sector. It was forbidden to go to restaurants or on cruises, but people have not stopped eating, so they turned to supermarkets buying packaged goods and producing an increase their demand. This didn’t immediately become an increase in the investment market, where OMET operates, but it balanced the fear of the future which was its main brake.

Tissue, mainly depending on food service industries, has a different situation. Several clients have suffered and postponed investments. However, there has been a growth in the hygiene/cleaning sector: OMET’s luck and ability to configure its machines to produce masks and non-woven products for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors has allowed the production flow to continue in a rather stable way. With the hope that the virus will disappear in a short time, currently it is interesting for our customers to invest in machines that can produce both masks and napkins as needed.
Right now, the key to everything is looking over the contingent emergency with a strong vision: a praise goes to the many forward-looking entrepreneurs who continue to invest, and to the governments that encourage the restart of the economies. A positive vision is essential for the future of the economy and the new generations: we cannot leave debts to our children. It is a specific duty of any entrepreneur to give the economy a boost with strength and positivity.

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