The origins of GALILEO

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What is the best way to tell the story of OMET’s customer service than to start from the origins?

It all began in the early 1990s, more precisely 33 years ago, when Marco Calcagni, Sales & Marketing Director of OMET, together with three other people, decided to establish a department exclusively dedicated to after-sales service for its customers.

This represented a real revolution for OMET. During previous years, in fact, customer relations were handled only by the sales offices.

From that time on, OMET instead adopted an increasingly client-centric approach, focusing on the well-being and satisfaction of its end customer.

Over the years the office made several evolutions until in 1998 it was consolidated with 4 pivotal figures. Alessandro Nava, Massimo Fantato, Sabrina Medolago and Francesco Moro still represent the pillars on which OMET’s Customer Success is based.

Since that year, the department has been continuously expanding: young, competent and proactive resources are being added more and more frequently in order to support the customer during all after-sales phases.

After-Sales is not only an essential part of OMET’s business but also a key element in its success.

High-quality customer service goes far beyond simply providing assistance. It is a strategic investment that allows differentiation from competitors, creates a positive and lasting experience for customers, and earns their trust.

Through effective customer service, OMET is able to respond promptly to its clients’ needs, anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. This results in an increase in their satisfaction and a consequent rise in business performance.

Due to the extreme importance of the department, last year OMET wanted to give it a real identity, deciding to brand it under the name GALILEO.

#GALILEO, easier with us.

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