Manufacturing meets schools: great success for the Tech4Students Day

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On Friday, November 17th, more than 200 students took part at the open day organized by OMET and CAMA to bridge the gap between the manufacturing world and education through a hands-on orientation experience. A valuable round table involving companies, local institutions, politics, families and education about the future, training and professional opportunities for young people, concluded the event.

The Tech4Students Day, organized by OMET and CAMA in collaboration with Confindustria Lecco e Sondrio, welcomed students from middle, high schools and higher technical institutes. They took part in guided tours of the OMET and CAMA facilities, where professionals of the mechanical, electronic, design, and research and development departments showed their work and careers.

At the end of the day, a meeting chaired by the tech journalist Luca Viscardi further deepened the message of this day, along with representatives from local institutions and the educational, political, and entrepreneurial sectors of the territory to make families aware that technical education opens the way to excellent professional and economic opportunities.

“Our companies aim to get close to the younger generations – said Daniele Bellante, President of CAMA -. With this event, we hope to provide them a greater awareness in choosing their way, showing them our companies and helping them with a vision of the future. OMET and CAMA, as global leaders in their sectors, believe it is important to strengthen relations with the local community through events like that of today.”

“Younger generations are a precious resource because they are scarce – said the Mayor of Lecco Mauro Gattinoni – We cannot lose them along the way. It is necessary to align the profiles required by industries with the training of the students, but at the same time being aware that world is evolving: following one’s passions is always a positive choice to pursue excellence”. Giuseppe Chiarella, Mayor of Molteno, emphasized the decisive role and responsibility of companies in the growth of the new generations and the community, of which this event is a concrete example.”

Teacher Raffaele Cesana, in charge of orientation for the Local Educational Office, welcomed the opportunity provided to the students, emphasizing how each of them needs a tailor-made education for the best future.

Plinio Agostoni, President of Confindustria Lecco e Sondrio, marked that the 48% of companies’ required profiles are currently hard to find. Excellent companies are the key to an excellent community and society; companies play a leading role for growth and integration for young people thanks to innovation, research, dialogue. Initiatives like this one are welcomed because they bring businesses and young talents together.

“It is extremely important for companies to network with schools and families to drive young people – said Carlo Malugani, Councilor of Provincia di Lecco – I always hope for greater involvement of companies within schools to reduce the school dropout rate, I hope that families understand that technical schools pave the way for high-level economic profiles.” The Councilor emphasized the importance of the ITS (Higher Technical Institute) for an educational offer in line with the local area.

At the end of the event, OMET awarded 56 students, children of its own collaborators: an initiative that has been repeated for several years, demonstrating attention to welfare, local community, and youth education. “Excellence distinguishes those who, in addition to skills, have a passion for what they do” – said Antonio Bartesaghi. “OMET, from the school to the world of work, pursues and rewards excellence through the recognition of scholarships as an incentive to constantly improve, day by day.”

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