Innovation and customer service: the keys for growth in 2024

Stories of excellence

The year 2023 started very well for OMET and ended positively. We have orders of good quality and quantity and we see an improvement in margins comparing to 2022, an year with great opportunities in terms of growth and volumes, but of great suffering for supply chain costs. The reasons were above all the sharp price increases of raw materials and energy, and difficulties in purchasing components and materials.This is how Marco Calcagni, OMET Sales and Marketing Director, comments on the closing of 2023 in the end-of-year editorial.

All the events of recent years destabilized trends and cycles, but today we have managed to find a balance and we are registering a significant reduction of costs.

Talking about our products, as always we invest in innovation and our machines, according to customers, are “revolutionary” in terms of technology, production capacity and ease of use. At Labelexpo we will present the new KFLEX, designed for the flexibility needs of printers, and the hybrid XJET, with perfect integration between digital and flexo printing. Thanks to its technical and commercial team, OMET is able to propose completely customized and combined solutions to customers, with any type of printing and with special taylor made units.

Future shows great opportunities for development and growth, but we need passion, technology and ability to read the market to seize them. Market demands excellence in products, but is increasingly oriented towards service. For this reason, most of our investments are conveyed to Galileo, the customer care division which offers a 360° service: it’s strategic for the productivity of our customers. OMET is proposing itself as a “single partner” that offers services from prevention to the supply of spare parts, with increased speed and precision thanks to remote diagnostics and digitization. We’ll soon go further with the Training Academy which is going to provide training courses to improve technical and operational skills of printers.

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