Flexoprint towards excellence with an OMET Varyflex 670

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Young, modern and dynamic: Flexoprint is one of Brazil’s industrial excellences, focusing on quality and flexibility. Three months ago, they have installed an OMET Varyflex 670 mm: “OMET has brought us a precious factor of precision, quality and speed” says Ricardo Ricieri, who along with Neto composes the technical team of decisions on investments and technologies, with the collaboration of the directors Laercio Stange Warmeling and Jaison Schillickmamm.

Estabilished in 1997 in Marialva, Paraná, Flexoprint currently has 335 employees working in three production plants, located two in the South and one in the South-East of Brazil.

“Flexoprint comes from a visionary dream of the founding family” says Ricardo Ricieri. As often happens, this dream started with a small but solid company, driven by the same enthusiasm as today. “Our success is the result of the commitment of both our staff and the company’s owners – says Ricieri -. Everyday, they leave their homes to come at work and give something more than the day before. This is the way we have grown, every day a bit more”.

Flexoprint currently produces self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves and in-mould labels for different sectors: foods, drinks, hygiene, cleaning, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, PET, automotive and packaging. The production plants are strategically located near the main highways and airports to optimize transport. The company serves principally the national market and exports to the Mercosur area, Southern America Common Market.

“We constantly invest in new technologies to offer excellent products in terms of quality, flexibility and innovation – says Ricieri -. We are always aiming at maximizing customer satisfaction. We don’t want to be simple suppliers, we work together with our clients to build a long-term partnership to create new business”.

One of the company’s most recent steps about innovation was the purchase of an OMET Varyflex 670 mm. “The collaboration with OMET started at the last Labelexpo fair – states Ricieri – it has grown over the following months thanks to the excellent work of Eduard Pont, OMET sales manager for Latin America, who led us to visit the company’s production facilities”.

“We are very satisfied with the machine and the OMET’s service. We started producing in April, 2019, but this time was enough to appreciate the speed and the effectiveness of OMET’s service both in Italy and in America. We have definitely found an excellent partner”.

Flexoprint has always invested in technological innovation but also in its staff: paying attention to their collaborators is a precise choice about quality. “We are aware that companies have a great social responsibility: respect for collaborators and their families is one of our fundamental values – explains Ricardo -. We try to maintain a healthy and stimulating work environment, and we constantly invest to have people always qualified and motivated at work”.

Flexoprint, thinking about the environmental responsibility and waste management of the production process also recycles these materials into biosynthetic wood, the name adopted was “FLEXOWOOD”.
This shows the company’s commitment to the entire production chain, thus minimizing environmental impacts.

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