An OMET XFlex X5 at the core of the “Territorial laboratory for employment” inaugurated in Lecco

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The laboratory, inaugurated on November, 5th at the Fiocchi Institute in Lecco, represents a new and innovative training ground for students and professionals who needs qualified training or retraining, all over the territory.

This is the result of a network project lead by the IISPA FIOCCHI higher school in Lecco, promoted and coordinated by Confindustria Lecco and Sondrio and co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research within the call for “Territorial Laboratories”.

OMET has loaned an OMET XFlex X5 flexographic printing machine free of charge, allowing students and trainers going beyond the mere simulation and reproducing a specific production process of labels and packaging. The laboratory hosts also a lathe, a CNC milling machine, several computers and additional professional equipment.
It is aimed to become a center of excellence and to host specific research and development projects in collaboration with companies and universities, offering great opportunities to schools, companies and organizations.

“We are proud of contributing to this important project – highlights Antonio Bartesaghi, CEO of OMET -. It’s a precious opportunity to make students know printing machines and experience technology while studying in classrooms. For companies like OMET, it’s essential to find skilled resources able of supporting growth since the school age”.

The Laboratory is the result of an important commitment and huge investments by different subjects from the worlds of education, training and manifacturing. Different sectors are involved: mechanics, industrial automation, graphics, chemistry, materials, environmental issues, maintenance, research and development.

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