Bartesaghi: leadership, excellence and sustainability, the key for the future

Stories of excellence

Experience, skills and knowledge make the difference in any company, but even more in those where technology is the core business like OMET, which operates on highly customized products and bases its competitive advantage on innovation. Here are the thoughts of President Antonio Bartesaghi at the end of 2023.

Nowadays, competitive environments change frequently, and it is not enough to be skilled to become a market leader: companies need people able of managing complex situations, establish relationships and understand them. Soft skills such as leadership become essential at any level and not only for the management.

OMET has always invested in human resources and to create an environment that allows development of ideas and personal growth with training and dialogue.

Companies also need to mature at an organizational level: complexity can only be managed if translated into simple processes. OMET has several projects ongoing on this front, including a Lean transformation project aimed at increasing the efficiency of business processes by eliminating waste of time and resources. 

This project is also favoring a change of pace in our way of working, because it creates cross-functional groups, stimulating skills of each individual in a constructive way. People understand what lies beyond their role, become promoters of change, think together for the benefit of the organization. All levels are involved, and they understands that anyone can be decisive for the company’s growth.

Excellence for OMET is not a goal to be pursued only in production, but also in the way of working. From this point of view, our investment in people becomes even more strategic.

I would also like to underline our commitment on sustainability, fundamental for the whole industry: OMET stands at the forefront with technological innovations inspired by energy savings and waste reduction, but also with a series of initiatives concerning daily behaviours. 

Sustainability, like excellence, must be a modus operandi that permeates the entire organization.

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