A great number of OMET recent installations in Central-Eastern Europe

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OMET was born in 1963 and since the beginning had an international vocation, with first installations outside Italy already in the Sixties. First installations in Central-Eastern Europe were in the Nineties, and since 2010, OMET relies on PRINTLINE as a specific distributor.

Thanks to OMET’s portfolio, considered pioneer of innovation, PRINTLINE can offer a full range of top quality products that represent a new way of working and the possibility to satisfy the latest requests raised by the market.

OMET’s packaging printing machines combine ease of use, low wastage levels, reliable non-stop operation, and efficiency on short runs. Robustly built and safe to operate, OMET’s printing machines are built around the ‘platform’ concept, which refers to the possibility to set in-line a whole array of printing, finishing and converting technologies to print any product in one pass. All OMET machines are designed to be flexible and provide customers with tailor-made solutions for special applications. OMET technology creates a real competitive advantage for its customers, boost their efficiency, and can be adapted to suit any changing (or future) need.

OMET’s growth is running fast in Central-Eastern Europe. Some recent installations confirm the appreciation for OMET solutions in this area:

1. HUHTAMAKI Flexible Packaging Czech (former FIOMO, a.s.). installed in 2017 the first OMET Varyflex V4 850 Offset press worldwide, a new machine specialized in high-quality flexible packaging printing, equipped with Electron Beam (food compliant) curing system. The machine can handle several kind of substrate with the maximum flexibility and the typical reliability of OMET technology. With its maximum mechanical speed of 400 m/min and the combination of Offset and Flexo printing technology, Varyflex V4 Offset is undoubtedly the best solution for printers specialized in flexible packaging production.

2. PEMAX Print, leading Czech manufacturer of labels located in Poděbrady, has just installed an OMET iFlex 370. This press is the narrow-web label press conceived to revolutionize the concept of flexo print, thanks to its innovative and exclusive features designed to enable the best printing performance through user-friendly and quick operations. It is a real game-changer with no match on the market, able to support any label converter who needs to produce in one pass all type of labels with fast return of investment.

3. TECOM Paper, the renowed producer of self-adhesive labels in Prague has also decided to install an iFlex 370 press.

4. RRE, with an OMET X6 430 hybrid press (offset + flexo), installed in 2017. OMET X6 is by far the best narrow-web printing press on the market and provides printers with the opportunity to improve their production potential and extend their product portfolio with top quality results and sure return of investment. The union of the best flexo printing press with offset printing gives a real adding-value technology for the production of high-end labels and packaging.

5. PERSPEX with an OMET X6 430 flexo press, installed in 2017

6. M-FLEXILOG with an OMET Varyflex V2 670 flexo+offset hybrid press, to be installed in the next few months. Varyflex is a narrow and mid-web packaging printing whose core is made of a unique platform concept designed to combine a wide set of printing and finishing technologies for added-value results in one single pass.

Here like in the rest of the world, OMET’s leadership in the printing and packaging market is based on a solid reputation of excellence in the management of multi-process and hybrid technology, a high quality post-sales assistance and service, and continuous innovation.

OMET’s entire product portfolio including iFlex, XFlex X4, XFlex X5, XFlex X6.0, Varyflex V2 and Varyflex V4 Offset, can satisfy all kind of market necessities. The company’s growth is based on continuous innovation that is realized through product advancements and the cooperation with the main players of the packaging markets. The ability to understand the customers’ expectations and find the right solution to their problems drive investments in R&D, software and internal organization.

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