OMET TV, 7th episode: printed electronics, the future is now

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This new OMET TV episode will feature Antonio Iacchetti, CEO of RibesTech, the innovative start-up of printed electronics born from a collaboration between OMET and the “Center for Nano Science and Technology”. The 7th episode of the web series will be online at 17 pm of September, 2nd on OMET’s social channels (Youtube, LinkedIn and Facebook).

Printed electronics is the future of the label sector, and it’s raising very high interest among companies, even if the existing applications are just beginning. Ribes Tech, a pioneer in this field, is engaged in the field of research and has already developed flexible photovoltaic modules, printed on plastic sheets, which can be used as a source of energy in home automation, smart cities and the Internet of Things.

Antonio Iacchetti, head of RibesTech and welcome host of the next episode of OMET TV, will talk about the various applications of printed electronics in everyday life: for example, electronic labels for supermarket products, indoor location systems, but also fashion and outdoor, with clothing or camping equipment that could integrate flexible photovoltaic panels.
This episode, the 7th of the web series based on the interviews of the journalist Armando Garosci, will be online starting at 5 pm on September, 2nd 2021.

OMET TV is a web series of 20 episodes created by OMET. Each episode contains an interview of 15-20 minutes, and is broadcasted every two weeks starting from June, 10th 2021. All episodes remain available for free after the publication on the social channels of OMET (YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook), as well as on the dedicated website (
Each episode of OMET TV, broadcasted every 2 weeks, focuses on a specific theme. A special guest will comment current topics and trends in the sectors in which OMET is considered an international leader: tissue converting machines and printing machines for labels and packaging.

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