OMET-Ritrama, new partnership for linerless labels

Technology & Innovation

A new laminating module to produce linerless labels. Here is the focus of the new partnership between OMET and Ritrama, leading Italian and international producer of self-adhesive materials that has recently launched the Core Linerless Solutions®, an innovative self-adhesive film engineered to be transformed into a single ply Linerless web, ready to be dispensed using a special linerless module. An innovation that allows significant improvements on efficiency and environmental sustainability of the printing process.

Linerless labels (without siliconized liner) are one of the most innovative and competitive products launched on the market, because allows converters to increase the efficiency of the press set-up, the printing process and the waste management, to achieve considerable material cost and time savings.

The module that OMET is developing will “open” the material and laminate the siliconized liner onto the face stock. It’s a heat-activated lamination of the siliconized PET liner on the face stock that has been previously printed: it encapsulates the print as a protective film, eliminating the need of lamination or the application of a protective varnish.

The film has the proper stiffness to be printed and dispensed at high speed but will has a lower thickness than traditional labels, with several advantages for the whole production and logistic process.

With this kind of labels, there’s no die-cutting, no matrix or liner waste to dispose of, lower transport and logistics costs. Companies save on materials, transport and machine downtime because the line prints twice as many labels per roll. The printing process is more sustainable, reducing environmental footprint impact (CO2 emissions).
Linerless labels are addressed to the wide market of primary products in food, beverage, home & personal care industries: most of the labels for these products have squared or rectangular shape and transparent material.

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