Grand Opening of the new OMET Innovation Park

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On Friday, June 24th, OMET inaugurated with an high-profile event the new Innovation Park, a 1500 square meters permanent showroom in Molteno (LC), and officially presented the new KFlex line, a flexo printing machine with an ergonomic and flexible design, that can be easily reconfigured at any time.

More than 150 guests – clients, suppliers and journalists – attended the official inauguration of the new OMET Innovation Park. In a spectacular frame, OMET CEO Antonio Bartesaghi welcomed the public by presenting the OMET Group’s exponential growth over the last 10 years, culminated with the construction of the new OMET Headquarters in Molteno in 2021 and the creation of the Innovation Park in 2022.

The Innovation Park is a 1,500-square-meter space that OMET has set up with the aim of allowing printers, converters and suppliers to meet and collaborate, to host printing demonstrations or trials of new materials on OMET machines. Everything is done with the will of improving both the and the production process, by strengthening the trust and the relationships between sellers and buyers. The Innovation Park exhibition area, in fact, hosts reserved boxes and machinery of OMET’s technology partners: Tesa, Simec Group, BST, GEW, Flexowash, Zeller+Gmelin, Simonazzi, Nazdar, Actega Ecoleaf and Rossini.

Marco Calcagni, OMET Marketing & Sales Director, explained the further potential of the Innovation Park, such as the possibility for printers to use it to support their production, not only for samples but also for production lots that they are unable to produce at their sites.

OMET’s narrow- and medium-web machines portfolio is undoubtedly the widest for labels and flexible packaging, and is now enhanced by a new printing line: the KFlex, officially unveiled during the opening of the Innovation Park.
The new machine, covered by a curtain in the first part of the event, was unveiled in a blaze of smoke and music before being beautifully presented by OMET Sales Area Manager Andrea Angeli, who highlighted the machine’s incredible flexibility. Engineered for the printer’s needs, the KFlex design allows total accessibility and easy maintenance, has a new flexo printing unit with a contrasting UV lamp and, above all the Switch System, an absolute innovation: it gives the possibility of changing any module (printing units, pull-out die, digital print-bar, hotfoil, screen printing…) in a minute and in an extremely simple way. There are many other innovations presented on this line, which is, moreover, extremely scalable in its offer to meet the different printers’ needs.

In the second part of the event, the participants were divided into groups to visit the Innovation Park, where OMET also showcased an iFlex and an XJet, and a stand of Ribes Tech, the OMET Group’s start-up company that focuses on printed electronics, in particular smart labels, and offers integrated IoT solutions.

The Innovation Park is located just a few steps away from the new OMET Headquarters in Molteno. It was also possible for guests to visit the new headquarters, inaugurated in 2021 to allow further growth to the company’s production reality, which extends for more than 30 thousand square metres, more than 20 thousand of which are dedicated entirely to the production of label and flexible packaging printing machines. The OMET Headquarters represent the beginning of a path of change that aims to increase production capacity and process efficiency, essential for a breakthrough in terms of growth and innovation, which have always been the pillars of OMET’s excellence.

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