Varyflex V2 is a narrow and mid-web flexible packaging printing machine with a unique platform concept designed to combine a wide set of printing and finishing technologies. UV, water base or solvent base UV flexo printing, movable gravure, screen and offset printing can be easily combined, while hot or cold foil processes can be integrated in order to supply a complete range of finishing. Varyflex V2 packaging press offers servo-driven flexible printing modules; off-line or ‘on press’ color preparation thanks to the ink cassette system; high precision pre- and automatic Vision-1Multivision register control; in-line lamination and hot-melts coating. Varyflex V2 flexo printing press can be specially designed to fit the needs of in-line folding carton converters producing for the food, tobacco, consumer packaged goods and cosmetic market sectors. This particular machine configuration turns out to be a complementary solution for sheet-fed offset printers who are chased by short runs with low profitability. In-line deliveries include roll to roll, roll to sheet, roll to blank with flexible delivery systems (sheeters, shingling table, stackers, etc.). Adding UV web offset printing units with sleeves, the Varyflex V2 packaging printing press combines low-cost platemaking and precise color control. Varyflex V2 breaks the limits and jumps into a unique area of quality, short runs and profitability for the printing of flexible packaging, folding carton, single or multi layer films, laminates, clear film boxes, lottery tickets, security labels, aluminum blisters for the pharmaceutical sector, and special applications.



  • Fast job changes using lightweight sleeves
  • MD preregister, auto register and re-register functions to reduce waste and increase job versatility
  • Option for Vision-1 and Multivision systems for a fully automatic MD and CD print registration
  • Removable and interchangeable inking and die-cutting units for time-saving off-line set-up
  • Simple and intuitive HMI interface
  • Easy setting and storing of job parameters - web tension, print repeat, anilox volumes, color sequence, production statistics
  • Job recipes fully uploaded remotely from pre-press room
  • Ergonomic design to reduce the operator’s stress and increase control
  • Transparent Factory is OMET remote diagnostic service for press performances monitoring and software upgrades via internet
  • Interchangeable units for UV, water-based and solvent-based flexo printing, rotary silk-screen, rotogravure, cold and hot foil. The press is reconfigured within seconds!
  • Combination UV flexo / offset printing with sleeves available up to 850mm
  • Single and double rewinder for film and self-adhesive
  • No-stop unwinder and rewinder
  • Delam / relam and flexible overhead rail system for label presses
  • Peel & seal system for multi-layer label printing
  • Carton equipment package for folding carton printing
  • Auto decurler for thick carton
  • Stackers for small format sheets
  • Shingling table for finished blanks
  • High-pile stackers for off-line finishing


  • Flexo

    Flexography has become one of the most versatile printing technologies on the market capable of offering high quality and extreme flexibility on substrates and in mix with other technologies. Flexo is particularly suitable to print full, special, metallic colours, texts and varnishes offering a wide color gamut and precision of details. OMET flexo unit can print using UV, water-based or solvent-based inks. OMET flexo units can be equipped with either light flexo sleeves or traditional printing cylinders.

  • Rotary silkscreen

    The rotary silk-screen printing unit is designed to be easily integrate in any printing position for best screen print results, quick set-ups and easy print adjustments. A high technological level and the simplicity of use make of the Rotary Silkscreen unit  the ideal investment for high coverage printing and the printing of thick ink layers, typical of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical market sectors. The screen cassettes are compatible with any OMET printing line in replacement of other technologies. This interchangeability, easily and rapidly realized, is synonymous with flexibility of the machine configuration, quick job changeover, and offers the possibility to secure the print sequence most suitable to the application. The unit features a patented and fully automatic screen tensioning and screen positioning system for no operator adjustments in case of repeat size changes.The unit is independently supplied and servo-driven; the register is immediate and precise, the ink supply and calibration are constantly controlled and the meshes have a long-life guarantee.

  • Rotogravure

    Rotogravure is synonymous with excellence in metallic inks printing (silver and gold) and high coverage of opaque backgrounds (at the highest speeds); in general, it is the most suitable printing technology for labels and packaging with metallic effects. Thanks to its typical versatility and ease of use, the Rotogravure unit by OMET can be used with a wide range of substrates, from cardboard to labels; it can be inserted in-line in any position or sequence and the connection performed by one single operator. The unit is a valid support for the transfer of glues for Lamination or Cold Seal in one pass. Faultless results are ensured by the possibility to include the electrostatic interlocking device (ESA) into the unit to aid ink transfer on non-flat surfaces like cardboard. The Rotogravure unit by OMET is explosion-proof and Is compliant with the international standards in use. A wide choice of drying systems is available to dry any ink thickness.

  • Hot Melt

    The Hot melt coating by OMET (application of layers or spots of hot glue through a roto cylinder on the back of printed substrates) is realized in one pass thanks to the presence of the In-line lamination unit, thus involving savings of money, waste and human resources. Hot melt is a key element for food industry applications and is mainly used for butter, jam, creams and honey packaging. The in-line combination of flexo and rotogravure on OMET hybrid presses allows to print supreme quality jobs and, contemporarily, insert special finishing that would normally require a second pass, thus realizing the dream of executing more packaging processes in one single passage.

  • Cold Seal

    In-line Cold seal, typical of wide web, is used in the food industry for ice cream, chocolate bars and heat-sensitive food. The layer of glue is stuck on the back of the printed film and re-activated during the packaging process.

  • V4 Flexo by Sleeve

    The new flexo unit is specifically designed to integrate the offset printing process with no limitations in performance and quality. The new Flexo by Sleeve concept applied on both anilox and flexo plate, along with the fully Direct-Drive transmission by independent motors, make it the best complementary solution in terms of flexibility and productivity. The Flexo by Sleeve unit, perfect for solid printing, is available in Wet-on-Wet configuration with EB curing and Wet-on-Dry configuration either with UV or hot air drying.


  • Cold foil

    The Cold foil by OMET delivers precious cost-effective metallic printing effects. The unit slides on rail and can be positioned anywhere along the press. The system grants accurate web tension controls. Cold foil is available also on XFlex X6 with offset groups.

  • Hologram insetting

    Precision and efficiency in Hologram insetting for particular effects or anti-counterfeiting properties. The Hologram insetting unit by OMET uses the foil-saver technology to guarantee the highest precision in the application of register holograms or metallic foil. The product flexibility allows to apply the holograms on a wide range of substrates, also as anti-counterfeiting element. It proves to be extremely competitive as for waste and time savings: as a matter of facts the foil supply is programmed basing on the length of the image to be printed and not on the pitch between two images. This means that the system allows a remarkable reduction of raw material costs. The unit controls up to six tracks with independent pitch. Fully integrated in-line with packaging printing machines of the Varyflex V2 series or as off-line process.

  • Die-cutting

    The Die-cutting section is strategic on any label press. In-line die-cutting by OMET include diverse methods to satisfy any converter’s needs and perform at best with difficult label shapes. Speed is often an issue related to die-cutting, which OMET has overcome offering multiple state-of-the-art technology options suiting any printer’s need.

  • Flying cut

    The Flying cut unit by OMET allows to cut accurately the printed material into sheets without having to care for the change of tools in varying the format. The excellent quality of the finished products, the notable set-up time savings, the unit flexibility on many different substrates, increase productivity in both short and long runs. Provided with two rotary cylinders with relevant blades and a synchronized servo driven shear cut system, the system is assembled in a cassette, which allows its interchange with similar die-cut cassettes already prepared offline.

  • Hot Foil on rail

    The Hot Foil unit by OMET delivers excellent metallic effects on outstanding labels and packaging, with reduced costs and a special attention to the machine configuration. The Hot Foil, in fact, is an independent unit, movable on an overhead sliding rail and positioned anywhere in the printing line as an additional group. The unit is equipped with servo-motors, pre-register function and web tension control. By using a specific kit, the unit can be used for cold foil finishing.


  • Final delivery options

    Final printed product delivery is an issue OMET is capable of resolving offering a wide range of delivery possibilities: stackers for small format sheets, shingling table for finished blanks, high-pile stackers for off-line finishing.

  • Drying systems and UV Curing

    OMET offers an extensive range of hot air drying and UV curing systems suiting any customer’s application or particular need including extended vertical path for heavy coatings or combined high drying capacity with single or multiple UV lamps. OMET broad know-how will guide customers in the choice of the most suitable equipment.

  • MultiVision Register Control System

    Automatic printing registration adjustment and control system based on a running printed image. Both machine and cross side axis are controlled simultaneously and concurrently, simply by pressing a single button from the back end of the press with refresh mode capability. Predictable, consistent and repeatable performance, regardless the operator skills, with remarkable time and material savings during start-up. MultiVision is available in Single-head configuration and Multi-head configuration with one camera on each printing group, which allows reducing set-up waste to few printing repeats. Offset Mode: Possibility to offset the register of all colors, both longitudinally and transversally, to balance incorrect plate positioning or filmic substrates issues.

  • Multiplate plate-mounting unit

    Existing in 3 versions (standard, advanced, flexo / offset compatible), Multiplate is a robust Plate-mounting unit with 2 video cameras and high resolution monitor for cross or microdot register centering. Multiplate by OMET is practical because it requires only mechanical and no electronic transition moves during plate (or sleeve) assembly. Plates are positioned flat to allow, with the help of the integrated video cameras, the alignment of the register marks. Sharper thanks to the black and white video, the monitor is divided into two parts (split screen) in order to control both marks at the same time.

  • UV LED curing system

    The system is a turnkey solution for Flexo narrow and medium web printing presses. A water-based chilling system ensures long life for the LED lamps and a cool, quiet, and safe operation around the press, with a unique system that protects against condensation damage. The LED units can co-exist with traditional UV lamps if needed.


  • Self-adhesive labels

    The market of self-adhesive labels is growing at a rapid pace especially in emerging countries. Innovation in design, material and end-use characterize it while it expands in different market sectors. Special effects are often originated by the use of cold foil, varnish or creative die-cutting to increase the labels appeal potential. The use of laminated effects or of transparent substrates have also become a typical feature. Pressure-sensitive is also the preferred technology for variable information print labels (track-and-trace/bar coding and in-store price-weigh applications, using thermal or uncoated paper stocks). Main markets of reference are: food and beverage, wine & spirits, health & beauty, pharmaceutical, industry, household & cleaning and commerce.

  • Unsupported filmic labels

    In-mold labels relate to a container that is made and labeled at the same time through high-speed injection or blow-molding. IML are especially used for thin-walled margarine, ice-cream, yogurt containers printed in high volumes. It is a rather new ‘niche’ market in strong expansion.
    Wraparound labels regard mineral water, soft drinks, beer and have excellent resistance to wet. They are often printed on clear materials and embellished with metallised effects.

  • Flexible packaging

    Packaging, especially food packaging, is an intrinsic part of modern urban life. It is also vital for export as it protects the contents and ensures that quality products reach the consumer. The production of film flexible packaging is growing consistently worldwide as consumers’ habits change, especially in emerging countries. Among the different use of flexible packaging, a special concern regards food packaging and its safety issues. Flexible packaging is mostly used in the food & beverage sector where it takes the form of flexible wrapping packaging, laminated food packaging or pouches.

  • Shrinkable films

    Shrink Sleeves (similar to stretch and ROSO/reel-fed shrink) are labels that are applied to a container and shrunk to fit its outline through the addition of heat. Sleeve labels are meant to wear bottles and containers of various shape, even those with complex geometries, with impressive 360° graphics and uniqueness of layout. Their shelf stand-out, coupled with their tamper-evident properties and ability to act as a barrier to any container damage or breakages, are driving their popularity with both brand owners and consumers. They are mainly used in the beverage sectors (soft drinks, beers, aperitifs) but are also popular in the dairy, health & beauty and household & cleaning sectors. Delicate clear polycarbonate boxes are mainly used in luxury packaging and are often enriched by 3D effects through screen or gravure printing.

  • Aluminum

    Aluminum packaging, being it a blister or a lid, plays an important role in packaging since it creates a safe barrier between the product and the outside world. But printed aluminum has also decoration purposes and is used especially in yogurt lids, pharmaceutical blisters, jars & glasses, coffee creamers, paper cups and in general in high speed packaging applications. The aluminum thickness varies from 30 to 40 microns to be used with jars, glasses and cups. Used in multilayer structures, aluminum is an integral part of printed lamitube used for toothpaste tubes, gels and creams.

  • Folding carton

    Folding carton is especially used for cups and trays for the fast food market, packaging for the tobacco industry (where OMET has extensive experience), display blisters, carton boxes for the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sector. Special die-cutting, stacking and delivery options complete the packaging printing machine configuration to deliver folding carton ready for assembling. Folding carton printing requires the integration of different printing processes to increase the appeal of the box, but also offer anti-counterfeiting protection.

  • Special applications

    The flexibility of packaging printing machines and the practical availability of a large number of in-line finishing and converting possibilities allow the printing of a large number of special products including: promotional labels, booklets, coupons, RFID labels, smart labels, parking and transit ticket with magnetic band, hologram or variable information printing applications for anti-counterfeiting or security use, lottery tickets. Multi-process combination printing is what is needed to reach the best results in the case of lottery tickets and security label printing in general.

SCROLL RIGHT 430 530 670 850
Max speed up to 200 m/min (690 fpm)( up to 200 m/min (690 fpm)( up to 200 m/min (690 fpm)( up to 200 m/min (690 fpm)(
Unwinding roll diameter 1000 - 1500 mm (40’’- 60”) 1000 - 1500 mm (40’’- 60”) 1000 - 1500 mm (40’’- 60”) 1000 - 1500 mm (40’’- 60”)
Web width 430 mm (16 7/8'') 530 mm (20 7/8'') 670 mm (26''3/8) 850 mm (33 4/8'')
Print width 420 mm (16 4/8'') 520 mm (20 4/8'') 660 mm (26'') 840 mm (33 1/8'')
AVAILABLE PRINTING TECHNOLOGIES 12'' - 33'' 12'' - 33'' 12'' - 33'' 12'' - 33''
Flexo UV 12'' - 33'' 12'' - 33'' 12'' - 33'' 14'' - 33''
UV Flexo (water base - solvent base) 12'' - 33'' 12'' - 33'' 12'' - 33'' 14'' - 33''
Flexo Water Base 12'' - 33'' 12'' - 33'' 12'' - 33'' 14'' - 33''
Rotary silk-screen 12''- 25'' 12''- 25'' 12''- 25'' 12''- 25''
Rotogravure 12’’- 26’’ 12’’- 26’’ 15’’- 26’’ 17’’- 26’’
Offset (Sleeve) 18''- 32'' 18''- 32''
Label die-cutting section Max 24'' Max 24'' Max 32''
Carton die-cutting solution with solid engraved rolls or cylinders and magnetic dies 18''- 32'' 18''- 32'' 24''- 32''
Tooless “Flying Cut” 6''- 33'' 6''- 33'' 6''- 33''
Rewinders diameter 750 mm (30'') - 1000 mm (40") 750 mm (30'') - 1000 mm (40") 750 mm (30'') - 1000 mm (40") 750 mm (30'') - 1000 mm (40")

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